How do you Find Research Opportunities?

How do you find research opportunities?

Reach out to professors at a nearby college or university. If you don’t know who is a researcher, simply visit the website of the academic departments you are interested in. Although undergraduates tend to have an easier time getting exposure to research opportunities, several college faculty volunteers to assist high school students with science fair projects. You just need to look!

Look up special programs near you. Search local laboratories and there may be some available to high school students. National Science Foundation’s Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU).  Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP).

Also, reach out to your network and you might be able to score some informal research experience. ex: A family friend, family member, or teacher! Don’t give up and keep looking! While it may be difficult for a high schooler to obtain research experience if you keep looking you can definitely find it!