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Making Sense of Open Education

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Making Sense of Open Education
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      Post-Live-Course Information (June 16 through June 30)

      The content pages and mini-quizzes for the course will remain open until June 30 for completion, you can still earn a badge and statement of participation if you desire. Please share your daily activities in a word or Google Doc format with Jenni Hayman by email: or continue to use Twitter to post your activities (as you choose). If you have any questions, please contact me by email or Twitter, best of luck working through the modules!

      This course is part of a research project, your completion of the post-course survey will be deeply appreciated! 

      Post-Course Survey Instrument:

      The is an additional survey from the OpenLearn course team below, please consider sharing information with them about your experience to help them improve the platform for these open courses!

      All 14 modules of the course with content and activities are available at the following link:

      The Making Sense of Open Education Course Image is in the Public Domain

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    Gain a digital badge

    By studying the course you will have the opportunity to gain a digital badge – you need to click on the ‘Enrol’ button to be able to do the quizzes and earn the badge.

  • Course learning outcomes

    On completion of this open course participants will have expanded their ability to:

    • Describe the value of open educational practices (OEP) in their teaching and learning contexts
    • Give examples of appropriate open educational resources (OER) for their practice
    • Describe user permissions related to each of the Creative Commons license types
    • Find and curate high quality OER for a course or small project
    • Connect with other practitioners interested in exploring use of open educational resources and practices in their teaching
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Course reviews

    Kamel Belhamel

    mini-quiz aren't graded

    Kamel Belhamel16 November 2018 7:09

    Rating entered. No review given

    wei Liang

    wei Liang18 June 2018 6:16

    Rating entered. No review given

    Steven Secord

    Making Sense of Open Education

    Steven Secord15 June 2018 2:34

    This course does an excellent job of walking through educators who might be new to the concept of Open Education. The modules are laid out in a very easy to read and understand format. It is also a good review for anybody who might be looking to update their knowledge of Open Education as it is full of resources and ideas.

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  • 8 hours study
  • Level 1: Introductory
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