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Day 1 Activity

Find (or make) and share a video, web page, illustration, photo, or diagram that explains what open education means to you as you begin this course. Include information about what you would like to to learn more about over the next two weeks. You can choose to share your work in the Day 1 discussion forum in the course shell, in a social media space, with family, friends, and colleagues, or just save your output for your own reflection.

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DiscussionLast postsorted recent firstPostsStarted by
What Open Education means to me16/06/18, 16:24
Jenni Hayman
2Picture of Brandon CarsonBrandon Carson
OE - Learner/Educator Cycle13/06/18, 23:22
Jenni Hayman
2Picture of Amanda JohnsonAmanda Johnson
Open Educ Verision ???9/06/18, 02:29
Jenni Hayman
2Picture of Connie BlomgrenConnie Blomgren
OE means posibilities. 7/06/18, 20:59
Jennifer Nohai-Seaman
3Picture of Raul Lopez AvilaRaul Lopez Avila
It Depends!7/06/18, 20:48
Jennifer Nohai-Seaman
3Picture of Susan JonesSusan Jones
OER means to me....7/06/18, 20:44
Jennifer Nohai-Seaman
3Picture of Julie MasseyJulie Massey
Entry to OER 7/06/18, 20:42
Jennifer Nohai-Seaman
7Picture of Mohammed HasanMohammed Hasan
Open Education as Ingredients7/06/18, 20:41
Jennifer Nohai-Seaman
5Picture of Natasha HannonNatasha Hannon
Open Education Video7/06/18, 20:40
Jennifer Nohai-Seaman
4Irene Stewart and sonIRENE Stewart
"Information wants to be free"7/06/18, 20:35
Jennifer Nohai-Seaman
3Picture of Peggy FrenchPeggy French
What OER means to me..7/06/18, 20:33
Jennifer Nohai-Seaman
6Picture of Lydia ThorneLydia Thorne
Why do I want to choose Open Educational Resources7/06/18, 20:30
Jennifer Nohai-Seaman
3Picture of Xinli WangXinli Wang
Open education is accessible!7/06/18, 20:23
Jennifer Nohai-Seaman
3Picture of Nicole CampbellNicole Campbell
Why Open matters to me?7/06/18, 20:22
Jennifer Nohai-Seaman
5Laura MacKayLaura MacKay
Benefits of Open Educational Practices and Resources7/06/18, 20:20
Jennifer Nohai-Seaman
3Picture of wei Liangwei Liang
$$$$$$$$$$$$$7/06/18, 20:19
Jennifer Nohai-Seaman
3Picture of Judith DeGrootJudith DeGroot
Entering into the world of OER7/06/18, 20:18
Jennifer Nohai-Seaman
3Picture of Shelley TomeyShelley Tomey
Sharing is Caring7/06/18, 20:12
Jennifer Nohai-Seaman
3Picture of Alissa BigelowAlissa Bigelow
Connecting for OEP7/06/18, 20:11
Jennifer Nohai-Seaman
3Picture of Teresa MacKinnonTeresa MacKinnon
Open from my prespective7/06/18, 20:09
Jennifer Nohai-Seaman
3Picture of Anahita BareghehAnahita Baregheh

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