Course Structure and Badging

Welcome to the Course!

How this course is designed for participation

The course is designed as 15 modules of content and activities, one module per day for 15 days. Each day includes:

  1. Content for learning
  2. Daily Activity
  3. Discussion Forum for conversation and posting daily activities
  4. Mini-Quiz

The course will use the Twitter hashtag #MakingSense18. 

Helen DeWaard has created a Twitter list for the course at the following URL. If you have a Twitter account you can subscribe to the list:

  • The OpenLearn version of the course will be released to you one day at a time to help reduce chaos and allow everyone to focus on one discussion forum and one daily activity at a time
  • A link to the first 7 days of the course as Google Docs (downloadable and editable versions of each module) are available on the front page of the course. Please feel free to review them and read ahead. Days 8-15 will be released Tuesday, June 5.
  • There will be two live webinar sessions for the course with Jenni and available members of the course team one on Friday, June 8 and Friday, June 15 (12noon EDT)

Professional Conversations in the Discussion Forum and other spaces

The Course team has two fundamental community requests: Be civil, and don’t post offensive or illegal content.

The course team will moderate the forums. If you spot something you think violates our community rules, you can flag the post for our attention.

Conversations and connections are integral parts of your experience for this course. We’ll use discussion forum in the following ways:

  1. A daily invitation to post questions, ideas, share resources
  2. A daily activity that you can either post in the discussion forum, on your blog, in social media spaces or just keep for yourself for future reflection

Important: We ask that you post your comment or question in the specific day's forum. This will not only ensure that other participants can see it, but also help ensure that the course team will be able to respond (if needed) in a timely manner.
Badging (in lieu of a certificate)

  • The course will be badged through the Moodle instance, criteria for badge completion will be, all 14 of the mini-quizzes, and 10 out of 14 of the daily activities. You will be responsible for documenting your daily activities by keeping a running document with links or copies of your work and sharing it with Jenni Hayman prior to June 30 to ensure you receive your badge. Your "grade" for daily activity completion will be manually entered by Jenni. Email her at:
Course Close
  • The Moodle shell will remain open after June 15 until June 30 but all discussion forums will be closed
  • The course will be made self-directed after June 30
If you have any questions or problems at any time throughout the course, please contact the lead instructor Jenni Hayman by email:

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