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Day 12 Activity

Option 1: Partner up. Connect with someone (or a group of others) in the course that will partner with you on an activity. Create a Google Doc or other shared digital document and work together to create a post on the benefits and challenges of collaboration in your experiences. Choose someone to post it and credit all the creators. If you’re feeling extra fancy you can choose a Creative Commons license and ensure that your work is shared more widely.

Option 2: Going solo. It is completely possible to collaborate on works you create yourself, then invite collaborators to give feedback for improvements. A tried and true pathway. Adapt or create a small OER, post it in the discussion forum or elsewhere and invite ideas for ways to improve it. Be specific about the type of feedback you’re seeking.

Option 3: Reflection. If collaboration makes you uncomfortable, if you’re not certain what talents and expertise you have to offer in a collaborative process, if you’re shy, if you’re annoyed by collaboration (it can be annoying), do some reflecting on your concerns and preferences. Go past your professional life, into your personal areas of expertise, your hobbies, activities you enjoy doing with others. Is there anything there worth noting that might inform professional collaboration? Take some notes just for yourself.

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Option 225/06/18, 10:04
Norbert Boruett
1Norbert BORUETTNorbert Boruett
late to the party24/06/18, 21:49
ruth Lindsey-Armstrong
1Picture of ruth Lindsey-Armstrongruth Lindsey-Armstrong
Collaborating in an Adverse Environment19/06/18, 20:27
Carol White
1Picture of Carol WhiteCarol White
Ongoing collaboration16/06/18, 17:05
Jenni Hayman
2Picture of Jennifer EnglundJennifer Englund
A Collaborative Resource16/06/18, 17:04
Jenni Hayman
2Picture of Steven SecordSteven Secord
Reflection: how to build meaningful connections16/06/18, 17:02
Jenni Hayman
2Picture of Xinli WangXinli Wang
Is there any best practice for collaboration among college faculty?16/06/18, 16:58
Jenni Hayman
2Picture of wei Liangwei Liang
Going it alone13/06/18, 01:10
Jenni Hayman
2Picture of Teresa MacKinnonTeresa MacKinnon
Prototype of OER Remix, feedback welcome13/06/18, 01:07
Jenni Hayman
2Irene Stewart and sonIRENE Stewart
Reflections of Collaboration13/06/18, 00:50
Jenni Hayman
3Picture of Kelli BonieckiKelli Boniecki
Let's Moodle Around!13/06/18, 00:45
IRENE Stewart
2That's Kim G!Kim Gibson

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