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Activity 1:  “I didn’t know what I didn’t know.”Consider the following topics related to your practice:Open education in schoolsMOOCsDistance educationOpen learningE-learningReflect and write down...

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Activity 1:  “I didn’t know what I didn’t know.”

Consider the following topics related to your practice:

  • Open education in schools
  • MOOCs
  • Distance education
  • Open learning
  • E-learning

Reflect and write down your thoughts about the ways that any two or more of these themes be related and relevant to your practice. What makes the concepts related, what separates them? How might your concept of open education be informed by considering these themes and integrating related bodies of knowledge with current practices?

Activity 2: Can you diagram or illustrate your reflection and ideas?

If you are willing to upload and share your diagram or illustration that would be great!

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Diagram16/06/18, 16:33
Jenni Hayman
2Norbert BORUETTNorbert Boruett
The connecting concepts14/06/18, 20:50
Irwin Devries
2Norbert BORUETTNorbert Boruett
Relationships among Collaborative Learning Social Presence and Student Satisfaction in a Blended Learning Environment14/06/18, 20:28
Irwin Devries
3wei Liang
Day 3 - Entering Educational Opportunity14/06/18, 20:24
Irwin Devries
2Amanda Johnson
OER Day 314/06/18, 10:42
Norbert Boruett
5Lydia Thorne
Will Open Leqrning ever become the status quo!12/06/18, 06:59
Irwin Devries
2Judith DeGroot
Connections12/06/18, 06:52
Irwin Devries
2Jeffrey Williams
Wikipedia Assignments can cover all 5 topics11/06/18, 23:25
Vahid Masrour
7VahidVahid Masrour
tech shapes us and we shape tech8/06/18, 18:04
Irwin Devries
2Connie Blomgren
Overlap6/06/18, 03:19
Irwin Devries
2Anahita Baregheh
Making Connections5/06/18, 20:04
Irwin Devries
2Alissa Bigelow
MOOCs and open learning5/06/18, 16:46
Irwin Devries
2Teresa MacKinnon
Reflecting on Open Themes at the University of Alberta5/06/18, 16:26
Irwin Devries
3That's Kim G!Kim Gibson
Day 3 and Day 4 Postings5/06/18, 03:05
Jenni Hayman
2Steven Secord
I didn’t know what I didn’t know: from MOOCs to E-learning5/06/18, 03:04
Jenni Hayman
2Xinli Wang
Distance vs. E-learning4/06/18, 15:26
Marvin Patton
3Adam Weissengruber
Inspired and Directed by the Learner4/06/18, 05:40
Irwin Devries
3Natasha Hannon
Open Concepts4/06/18, 05:36
Irwin Devries
4Laura Killam
Overthinking or Underthinking?4/06/18, 04:24
Marvin Patton
3Marvin Patton
We think it's new....4/06/18, 04:00
Irwin Devries
3Julie Massey

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