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Day 4 Activity

Jump right in!

In today’s activity you should jump right in and give the adaptation process a try. Search one of the repositories listed in the module, download an OER, adapt it in some way that’s fun or useful for you in your teaching and share it with others. Avoid OER with a license that uses ND (no derivatives), but for the rest, just give it a go and post it in the discussion forum, on Twitter, in a blog post, or keep it for your own learning (see where you are by the end of the course).

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Geogebra27/06/18, 14:49
Kelli Boniecki
4Picture of Susan JonesSusan Jones
Alternative27/06/18, 04:08
Raul Lopez Avila
1Picture of Raul Lopez AvilaRaul Lopez Avila
Just Died and Gone to Heaven19/06/18, 12:23
Jenni Hayman
2Picture of Jeffrey WilliamsJeffrey Williams
ICT in Education14/06/18, 11:53
Norbert Boruett
1Norbert BORUETTNorbert Boruett
Textbook as a OER8/06/18, 23:01
Jeffrey Williams
4Picture of Mohammed HasanMohammed Hasan
CK-128/06/18, 17:59
Connie Blomgren
1Picture of Connie BlomgrenConnie Blomgren
Typeorama and Pixabay - a match made in heaven7/06/18, 17:42
Alissa Bigelow
1Picture of Alissa BigelowAlissa Bigelow
Downloading and Adapting7/06/18, 05:57
Vahid Masrour
2Picture of Keith KurtzKeith Kurtz
Limited support from the institutions6/06/18, 21:52
wei Liang
1Picture of wei Liangwei Liang
Innovation6/06/18, 19:02
Anahita Baregheh
1Picture of Anahita BareghehAnahita Baregheh
My OER course syllabus5/06/18, 22:03
Jenni Hayman
2Picture of Lydia ThorneLydia Thorne
Moodle How-To OER5/06/18, 19:51
ruth Lindsey-Armstrong
2That's Kim G!Kim Gibson
Work Integrated Learning Modules5/06/18, 18:57
Kim Gibson
3Picture of Natasha HannonNatasha Hannon
my oer drop5/06/18, 18:46
Kim Gibson
3Picture of ruth Lindsey-Armstrongruth Lindsey-Armstrong
Just playing...5/06/18, 17:20
Irwin Devries
2Picture of Julie MasseyJulie Massey
Day 3 and Day 4 Posts5/06/18, 17:18
Irwin Devries
2Picture of Steven SecordSteven Secord
Of file types and remixing5/06/18, 17:01
Irwin Devries
2Picture of Teresa MacKinnonTeresa MacKinnon
OER-ZTC Book Project5/06/18, 00:30
ruth Lindsey-Armstrong
2Picture of Marvin PattonMarvin Patton
Kelli and Marvin!!!5/06/18, 00:24
ruth Lindsey-Armstrong
1Picture of ruth Lindsey-Armstrongruth Lindsey-Armstrong
CC image for library website4/06/18, 22:49
IRENE Stewart
2Picture of Adam WeissengruberAdam Weissengruber

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