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Day 8 Activity: Make Something in an Open ToolHere is what I am asking you to do as an activity for today: Using an open tool, create an Open Educational Resource that helps newcomers to Open...

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Day 8 Activity: Make Something in an Open Tool

Here is what I am asking you to do as an activity for today: Using an open tool, create an Open Educational Resource that helps newcomers to Open Education distinguish between an open and a closed tool.

You are the master of your own domain, so we want you to do your own thing here. You get to decide what and how to do this. 

  • A single presentation slide with an open image?
  • A short H5P activity?
  • A Google Doc that could be shared to other OER or into a Pressbook?
  • Submit an “Open vs Closed” activity to The Ontario Extend Activity Bank (this is much like the ds106 Assignment Bank that JR mentioned.)
  • Make something with a SPLOT

You can choose to share you work in the Day 8 discussion forum, in a chosen social media space (blog, tweet, Instagram - pop the link into the discussion forum, too if you want!), or just save it for your own reflection.

Advanced and Cool Examples

Before heading out into the wild and making some OER with an open tool, let’s put this in perspective to see just how far one can take this. Head on over to Dennis’ Blogatorium, the web space of Dennis Vanderspek, faculty member in the General Arts and Science Program at Fleming College. There you will see some really independent ed-tech. If Dennis doesn’t like how something works enough times, he just makes his own program that does the thing and then shares it with anyone openly. Now, I know that not many have the skill set to do this (I absolutely don’t), I just wanted to make what I’m about to ask you to do not seem so crazy. Seriously though, check out the tools like the BlogTron300 and marvel at the awesomeness of it all. We don’t necessarily need big corporate educational technology.

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