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Day 2 ActivityThere are many ways to begin to connect with open community, choose one of the following paths and see for yourself. If you’re already a blogger, connected member in some way for open...

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Day 2 Activity

There are many ways to begin to connect with open community, choose one of the following paths and see for yourself. If you’re already a blogger, connected member in some way for open community, support others, read through discussion forum and social media posts and encourage those that are newer to the practice of participation in this space.

Option A: If you’re new to the open community, create a discussion forum post (or Twitter or blog) about what you feel you have to contribute in terms of your practices, and what you hope to receive from the community. Include some advice, a link to a resource that you like, a story about your practice that you believe will have value for others with similar practice to yours.

Option B: If you’ve been involved in open community (locally or digitally) for a while, connect with those that are new and begin a conversation about what you have in common. Share a story about your experiences with others in the community, what you have contributed, what you have gained as part of the two-way street of community of practice.

As with all daily activities for this course, any delivery method that we can link, share, Tweet, and otherwise post and share including text, images, audio, video are welcomed. You also have the option of privately creating daily activities and sharing them with Jenni if you’re aiming for a badge but don’t want to post publicly.

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Twittering away the days27/06/18, 14:43
Kelli Boniecki
4Alissa Bigelow
EduPunk!19/06/18, 07:59
Raul Lopez Avila
4Devan Vanden Boomen
Facebook social an oer?19/06/18, 07:24
Raul Lopez Avila
8ruth Lindsey-Armstrong
Using Slack for a CoP?16/06/18, 16:29
Jenni Hayman
2Brandon Carson
Baby Steps to OE14/06/18, 22:07
Jenni Hayman
2Amanda Johnson
About building community of practice10/06/18, 20:49
Xinli Wang
4Xinli Wang
New to Open Community10/06/18, 01:29
Simona Davis
4Rob Cochran
Day 2 reflections9/06/18, 15:17
Jenni Hayman
2Jackie Koerner
BOLT blog9/06/18, 15:05
Jenni Hayman
2Connie Blomgren
contribution9/06/18, 14:29
Anahita Baregheh
4Anahita Baregheh
The beauty of Community8/06/18, 16:15
Jennifer Nohai-Seaman
3Martha Greatrix
Online Resources for Math8/06/18, 16:08
Jennifer Nohai-Seaman
3Cynthia Loten
Nearly New8/06/18, 16:07
Jennifer Nohai-Seaman
3Judith DeGroot
Nearly new8/06/18, 16:04
Jennifer Nohai-Seaman
3Norbert BORUETTNorbert Boruett
Finding new tweeps8/06/18, 16:02
Jennifer Nohai-Seaman
3Teresa MacKinnon
Wechat groups8/06/18, 15:59
Jennifer Nohai-Seaman
3wei Liang
Feeling Like A Beginner8/06/18, 15:55
Jennifer Nohai-Seaman
4Jeffrey Williams
CoI vs. CoP8/06/18, 15:46
Jennifer Nohai-Seaman
7Leanne Urasaki
Very New to OER8/06/18, 15:39
Jennifer Nohai-Seaman
3Susan HyndmanSusan Hyndman
From the library perspective8/06/18, 15:32
Jennifer Nohai-Seaman
5Adam Weissengruber

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