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Day 11 Activity

Option 1
An Open Education “Diagnostic”

Sign up for the Open Educators Factory platform and complete a self assessment of your level of development in terms of Open Education.

Upon receiving your assessment and feedback - review the ideas, and suggestions offered to support your development.

Set 3 development goals for yourself that will help you transition to the next level as an open educator. Your goals may be specific to one area of activity (Design, Content, Teaching, Assessment), or a combination of areas, depending on your takeaways from your self-assessment. Here are the the three goals:

  • One change you can make to your practice in the next week
  • One change you can make to your practice in the next month
  • One change you can make to your practice in the next year

You can choose to share your work in the Day 11 discussion forum in the course shell, in a social media space, with family, friends, and colleagues, or just save your goals to return to in one week, one month, and one year.

Option 2
Find an Open Education Training Buddy

Learning is always better when you have company. Seek out a training partner to work with as you develop your skills as an open educator. Plan to meet with them in person or virtually or on a regular basis to check in with one another on your development activities in the area of open education. Your training partner might be a local colleague, or even someone you have encountered in this course!

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