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Alissa Bigelow Post 1

5 June 2018, 6:35 PM

Making Connections

I see the themes Distance Education, e-Learning, MOOCs and Open Education connected as an evolution of educational delivery methodologies over the course of time. Technological enhancements have facilitated and supported the ability for one to engage, not only with the content, but now with each other, and from anywhere around the globe and at any time. Geographical barriers that once existed in the days of distance education have virtually been eliminated with each technological enhancement giving the content creators the ability to share their knowledge and work with anyone and everyone. I see each of these themes connected and crucial components in the evolution of open education.

I would love to share a visual depiction of how I see these pieces of the puzzle connecting but I truly am a terrible artist who would never do the topic justice!!


Irwin Devries Post 2 (summarised) in reply to 1

5 June 2018, 8:04 PM
Well, I think you've drawn a pretty good word picture! One thought I might...
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