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Teresa MacKinnon Post 1

10 June 2018, 9:29 AM

defining open

I have been an advocate of open practice for some time but I am perplexed by the way some open tools are being deployed in a closed way. 

I have enjoyed contributing to DS106dc as seen here. The leaderboard function increases engagement and many regular contributors are very skilled and creative. This open community approach should be used to encourage practitioners to learn from each other. 

I have been a member of H5P for a while and have created activities within my moodle course. However, the institutional moodle doesn't give me a way to share these back to the H5P community or to share them openly. Here's a screenshot of one of my interactive activities:

screenshot H5P activity

 Created via a moodle integration of 5H5P. Presumably it is the integration settings created by my institution which prevent me sharing this. Moodle is an open source tool and yet its display of Creative Commons licences is incomplete and therefore confusing for those new to CC. More should be done to clarify "open" in technological tools. If i create something as for example  in D^106 I can google my name and the hashtag and it is easily findable, that is a more open way to work imho.