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Carol White Post 1

19 June 2018, 8:27 PM

Collaborating in an Adverse Environment

Day 12 Post

I am not uncomfortable collaborating, but as I see it, my environment is not easy to collaborate in.  I am the only one of four Fulltime Mathematics Faculty at a regional site off campus.  The other three Fulltime Faculty are not teaching this summer.  I have four to ten Adjunct (part-time temporary faculty who are hired by semester) under me.  I share what I have used or created with the Adjunct Faculty and new mathematical faculty. 

One thing that I can think of is I want to revise my College Algebra Final Exam for this Summer Couse.  I could see if the other Adjunct instructor teaching that course this summer would want to collaborate with me.  If not, I could at least distribute copies of the final to him and th4e others who will be teaching the course in the Fall 2018.