Workshop activity 9: Reflection on experience


Employability by design requires each participant to evaluate the skills that they have used and gained throughout the workshop. This is also called learning through reflective practice (Schön, 1987). It capitalises on the recent intensive experience of the participants and asks them to look back at what they’ve achieved throughout the workshop, how they have engaged, what came to them easily and what was maybe more challenging and they might need to work on more in the future. 

What you need


Time: (per presentation) 10 min

  • 5 min individual
  • 5 min plenary


Ask teams to fill out the skills evaluation matrix individually.

Open the floor for discussion of anything surprising, or unexpected that they have learned or experienced (either in themselves or in the team).



¿Viste esta habilidad siendo utilizada? (Si es así, dar un ejemplo).

¿Viste una oportunidad donde esta habilidad podría haber sido utilizada? (o usado más efectivamente?)

Comunicación escrita




Comunicación oral




Habilidades de trabajo en equipo



Habilidades de liderazgo



Habilidades interpersonales



Habilidades de I.T.



Habilidades numéricas



Planificación y organización






Resolución de problemas



Adaptabilidad y flexibilidad



Conocimientos relevantes para el trabajo



Aprende y desarrolla habilidades






Associated teacher activity:

With your peers, evaluate the skills you have gained as a ‘student’ in carrying out this training.

Discuss which part was most enjoyable and engaging and think about why that was. Think about what was most challenging for you, and assess whether that would be similar for your students. 

Is there anything you would change about the workshop structure?

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