Problem resource: 'How Might We...?' [Workshop activity 5]

Creating a clear statement or question that focuses your problem enables you to move on and respond to the problem. This is sometimes known as a problem statement or design statement.

One famous way of doing this is to use Min Basadur’s phrase ‘How might we…?’ to start the problem statement.

Here are some of the problem statements we could have used for this training material:

·       How might we respond to the problem of teaching people about employment from the point of view of both students and employers?

·       How might we develop employability awareness in students in a Yucatecan context?

·       How might we expand teaching capacity using design methods across all subject areas?

Each of these statements has a slightly different emphasis or focus, meaning that the solutions generated will also be different.

Sometimes it is more effective to try several different problem statements as way of actually exploring the problem itself.

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