Company problem sheet resource [Preparation 1]


Health Tea

Participant Notes


Employees Sector






Food and drink (Non-alcoholic beverage)

Merida, central commercial plaza


Describe the problem. How does it show?

The company produces and distributes mainly to shops and restaurants. Direct shop front sales/retail are low.


What causes the problem? Why do you have the problem?

We have not paid attention or developed defined strategies to take advantage of our location.


When does the problem occur?

There is a lot of traffic during work hours, but few come into our shop.


Where does the problem appear?

Our drinks sell in café’s, gym, schools and we have strategic alliances with the food businesses around us, but our production shop front has low traffic and direct sales.


Who is part of the problem?

Many consumers are not health conscious. We have a certain small health conscious customer segment.



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