3.1 General guidance on using the knowledge assessments

The video below outlines the general guidance for delivering and scoring the Knowledge Assessments.  Please take the time to watch this as certain aspects, particularly the scoring, are different from the Strategy Assessments.

The key points highlighted include:

  • The difference between knowledge and strategy.
  • The importance of fluency with basic number knowledge.
  • The difference between knowledge which includes understanding vs. just rote memorisation.
  • First time assessments, reassessments and frequency.
  • Differences in the scoring and levelling for Knowledge vs Strategy diagnostic assessments.
  • Purpose of the diagnostic assessments.
  • Deciding on a Curriculum for Excellence Level.

Either on your own or with colleagues, reflect on:

  • What you feel are the key differences between the delivery and scoring of the knowledge assessments compared to the strategy assessments.
  • Why it is important to develop both recall AND understanding.
  • Why having quick recall of basic number facts is useful in maths.