7.4.1 Basic Facts: Moderation

In order to moderate your own understanding, make further improvements as well as to help evaluate this training, the video below has been provided for moderation purposes.


Independently, without conferring and discussing with others, watch the video below while completing the assessment recording sheet.  You may pause the video as many times as you wish and replay any sections that you feel you need to.

Remember to:

  • Record clearly whether the pupil was right, wrong or required thinking time including recording any strategies the pupil might have used.
  • Circle the appropriate bullet point in the decision column.
  • Assign each question a score: 0, 1 or 2 and add the total of these for each task.
  • At the end of the assessment, decide on an overall level for the pupil.
  • Write a brief summary of what you would want to do for this pupil, in terms of next steps, based on the results of this assessment.

  • For those involved in the pilot of this course, you will be asked to submit your assessment responses via a questionnaire and also email your completed assessment recording sheets. 
    To evaluate the effectiveness of this course in the best possible way, at this stage, please can you ensure that you don't alter your original decisions based on discussions with others.

While this course is being piloted, those involved in the pilot will be asked to submit their responses via a questionnaire for moderation and evaluation of the course.  When individuals have submitted their responses, they will be given access to the score, level and next steps that were proposed for this pupil by the original assessor.  These can then be used to compare your own and others' choices and discuss any differences in opinions.

When the pilot is complete, this information will be made accessible in a new section, Section 7.4.2 Moderation Activity: Results - Basic Facts, so those taking the course can access this information more immediately.