4.3.1 Grouping and Place Value: Guidance Video

It is recommended that you watch the video below, about Grouping and Place Value, before watching the assessment being carried out.  It provides greater clarification as to what this assessment is testing and why.  

Have the Grouping and Place Value assessment to hand so you can refer to the questions as you go.

When you have finished watching it, consider the reflective questions below and then watch the main training video in section 4.3.2.


Either individually or with colleagues if you are completing this course with others, reflect on the following questions:

  • Did you know what subitising was before watching the video?
  • Why is subitising important?  Can you think of any reasons in addition to the examples given in the video?  Was there anything in the video that you hadn't thought of/realised before?
  • If your pupils have a tendency to use the rule of 'remove a zero' for dividing by ten, how could you explore this idea through place value and concrete materials to support their understanding?
  • Do you pupils get experiences to measure?  Are these experiences taught in isolation as part of a topic on 'measure' or are they incorporated regularly into your number work providing a context?
  • Have you incorporated opportunities to explore the structure of the language of measurement?
  • Have you tried exploring the relationships between mm and cm as part of your work on fractions and decimals?
  • Do pupils have opportunities to explore decimals with concrete materials or do they do it all in more abstract ways with just digits alone?