4.1 Training Videos Overview

For each of the assessments the following has been included:

Section 4:
A main training video for each of the knowledge assessments:

  • The pupil gets all the way through the assessment so you can see all questions.
  • General commentary (not specific to the pupil) is included regarding things to look out for and suggestions for delivery and questioning.
  • Each assessment is recorded separately.
Please watch ALL MAIN training videos so you can see the assessments all the way through from start to end.  This will help you to:
  • be aware of things to look out for in each task;
  • know when to question a pupil further;
  • know the types of responses to accept and those that show a lack of understanding.
  • know how to use the optional scoring system and score the pupils overall level;
  • consider next steps.

Section 5:
An additional training video for each of the knowledge assessments.

  • The pupil does not get all the way through the assessment and makes more errors.  This is a more typical example of what you will see and as such may provide more awareness about how to score and interpret the results.
  • The assessments are grouped into two parts. 
    • One video shows the Numeral Identification and Forward and Backward Number Word Sequence Assessments.
    • The second video shows the Grouping and Place Value and the Basic Facts Assessments.
  • Detailed next steps have been provided in terms of practical advice in terms of ideas and activities that might be useful.
Please watch ALL ADDITIONAL training videos so you can: 
  • develop a better awareness of the assessments and typical difficulties/gaps that pupils may have; 
  • consider next steps; 
  • consider the importance of supporting pupils to make connections across the different areas rather than teaching them in discrete blocks.

Section 6:
Supplementary training videos

  • These provide additional options for viewing the assessments with a range of pupils (including a range of ages and levels) to further develop your understanding.
  • All 5 assessments are contained within one video (rather than as separate videos) so you can see the same pupil all the way through.
  • Next steps have been provided in the context of the Highland Numeracy Progression and looking at the links between the different areas.  These appear at the end of each video.
If you wish to gain more experience and understanding using the assessments with a particular age range or with pupils who get to a certain stage, watching a selection of the supplementary training videos may be useful to broaden your understanding. 

Section 7:
A moderation video

  • This will be to evaluate the effectiveness of the training.  You will be asked to use the assessment recording sheet to record, score and consider next steps for a pupil using each of the assessments.
  • Each assessment is recorded separately.


As in Part 1 of this training, complete the moderation activity in order to moderate your own understanding and make further improvements. 
If you are on the pilot for this course, ensure your assessment is sent to the Numeracy Development Officer.