6.3 Follow-Up Task

For schools completing this as part of whole school training.  You may wish to use Section 6.1, 6.2 and 6.3 as a 'Gap Task' before the next training session.  This will allow staff time to process the information, become more familiar with the assessments and have tried some out themselves.


As soon after the training, to this point, as possible, try out the full range of knowledge assessments with a sample of pupils from your class.  You may wish to try out a range of pupils so you have experience assessing pupils at a range of levels - this may involve assessing pupils from another class for the purposes of making more sense of the types of responses pupils give and how to deal with these or question them further to establish potential misconceptions.
If you are completing this as part of a group, with parental and pupil permission, you may wish to record the assessment and watch it back in a group/with a partner to discuss how it went and agree on the stage that the pupil reached.