4.2.2 Forward and Backward Number Word Sequence: Main Training Video


While you are watching the video:

  • Have the Forward Number Word Sequence and Backward Number Word Sequence assessments with you and follow it along with the video.
  • You may also wish to have the Coding Sheet and the Guidance Notes for Implementation of the Knowledge Assessments (open to the Forward and Backward Number Word Sequence sections)
  • Pause the video as frequently as you like to make sense of the pupil's responses and discuss (or reflect individually) whether:
    • An item was knowledge or whether they have used a strategy to work it out. 
    • If they appeared to 'just know' the answer, decide whether you feel they understand their answer as well.
    • Are there any questions where it's hard to decide?  How would you deal with these either during the assessment, as part of your future teaching or in reassessment.

Time taken for FNWS + NWA Assessment: 2m46s

Time taken for BNWS + NWB Assessment: 2m30s

Video length (with commentary): 16m