8.5 Digital Assessment Delivery

Here is some brief guidance about how to deliver the digital knowledge assessment:

  • Pupils may find it easier to record their answers on an enlarged A3 version of the recording sheet.
  • When this is accessible on the Chrome Books, for example, it's effectiveness will depend on the pupils' efficiency and confidence using the Chrome Books (this needs to be taken into account when deciding whether to do it this way or not).
  • Ensure pupils watch the brief video at he beginning to help them get a sense of the assessment.
    You may still need to explain some aspects such as how to use the recording sheet but opportunities to stop and ask questions have been factored into the auto-delivery.
  • Pupils usually make sense of the assessment during the practice section which is why it is there.  By the end of it, they usually understand how the assessment works.  Reinforce that it does not matter if they miss questions or make mistakes int he practice sections as its purpose is to allow time to familiarise them with how it words (not to actually test those items).
  • If using the assessment for the first time, start at the beginning.
  • When you start assessing a particular part, e.g. Part' 4', continue to the end of that part however you do not need to complete the whole assessment.  For example, you may have a class where it would only be appropriate to go to the end of Part 4, for example.
  • If reassessing, it is advisable to watch the introductory video and do the practice section again to familiarise pupils with how the assessment works however you could then start at a later section if on a previous assessment they got all previous parts (for example to the end of Part 4) correct.  You could therefore start at Part 5.
    You may however wish to complete the whole assessment again to double check retention.
  • It is advised, as with the other assessments, that you use this no more than twice per year.  Use day to day formative assessment as part of your teaching to get other information about strengths and gaps.


  • If working through the entire assessment from the start, it takes approximately 30 minutes.
  • This would be shorter for pupils who will not necessarily complete all parts of the assessment.  You can choose to stop the assessment any time you like when each part is complete (do not stop it in the middle of one of the 'parts').