8.7 Access to Digital Knowledge Assessments

The digital knowledge assessments are being piloted with a series of schools at present so that: 

  • Any difficulties can be addressed before releasing them more publicly. 
  • Comparisons can be made in terms of how comparable the results obtained are to the 1:1 assessment based on the different styles of delivery.
  • Pupil perceptions of the assessments can be gathered which may also influence changes in terms of presentation and delivery of the digital assessments in order to ensure we have a resource that is fit for purpose.

If you are planning on using the digital knowledge assessments with your class and would like access to this, please email me on: sarah.leakey@highland.gov.uk

It is strongly recommended that you take the assessment yourself before giving it to your pupils so you can get a sense of what it is like (from a pupil perspective) and how it works (from a teacher perspective) so there are no glitches when it comes time to present it to your pupils.