1.1 Getting the most out of the course

As with anything, the more you explore the materials, the more you are likely to get out of this course however it is up to each individual how much depth they go into. 

This course can be taken in a number of formats.  Choose the one that is most suited to your circumstances.  A suggested timeline for completing the course is outlined towards the bottom of this page.

Self-paced independent learning:

If you are just taking this course as an individual you can start at any time and work your way through the online module at a time and pace that suits you.

This option may suit individuals who:

  • Have just started in schools that have already received professional development in this area or have already taken this course.  This will allow you to access the same quality of information that your colleagues have.
  • Are interested in using the diagnostic assessments but are not in a school that currently uses them.

School, Associated School Group (ASG) or group learning:

A group of individuals, a school or an ASG may choose to use collegiate time to work through the online materials together.  It is recommended that you factor in additional time to allow for more in-depth discussions and sharing/moderating assessments that you have completed.  This will hopefully provide a more valuable learning experience than just using the materials alone.

If you are using staff meetings, for example, it is anticipated that this module (Part 1) will take approximately 2 staff meetings with some in between to carry out some independent follow up tasks.  This exact timing will obviously vary depending on the length of each schools staff meetings and the level of detail that you go into.

Suggested Timeline:

The table below outlines a suggested timeline for completing the course.  The total duration is longer than the set course duration because it takes into account additional discussion time.

Day Sections Approximate 
1 1 and 2 1 hour Complete the Pre-Course Questionnaire.
Work through the sections 1 and 2.
Download/print documents if possible.
Familiarise with documents.
2 3 1 hour Watch the video and reflect/discuss.
Refer to Response and Level Guidance.
3 4 30 - 60 minutes Watch at least 2 supplementary videos and practice using the recording sheets including recording pupil thinking/strategies, scoring and overall level.
Reflect/discuss where possible.
4 Optional Session 1 hour Review
Watch the pre-recorded 'Review and Q & A Part 1' Session.  This provides a review of the training and explores some common errors at each level and hot to support this through teaching.
5 5 and 6 45 - 60 minutes Complete the MODERATION TASK.
Send photo/scan of completed assessment recording sheet for the moderation task to sarah.leakey@highland.gov.uk
7 and 8 10 - 20 minutes Complete the Post-Course Questionnaire Part 1.


If you are a school leader and are planning on using this for staff training, it may be useful to prepare the following things in advance:

In Section 7.1, we recommend that individuals create their own assessment files so all this information is easily to hand.  This makes delivering the assessments more efficient.  You may decide to have one per class, one per level or another arrangement depending on the size of your school.

  • Ensure you have access to a projector/interactive whiteboard and have checked the sound is working and is audible.
  • Decide whether each individual will access this course on their own device during the training.  If they are, staff will need to be reminded to bring a device with them.
  • Decide whether you are going to complete all content during the staff meetings or whether some aspects will form part of a 'gap task' between sessions.

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