1.6.3 Timing and Frequency: Practical advice for completing the diagnostic assessments

There are many teachers who are using these assessments and assessing their whole class.  Here are some ideas that they are using to find the time to complete them in a manageable way without sacrificing teaching time.

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An overview of things to consider, in terms of timing, when completing the diagnostic assessments.


Discuss (or reflect individually) how you might find time within your school/class context in terms of balancing the time taken to complete the assessments and the valuable information they give you with time to actually act on the information in a meaningful way.

Assessment Practices Embedded
In schools where the assessments are embedded across the school and there is consistent use by all, the time it takes to complete the assessments (after their initial introduction) becomes greatly reduced as for each assessment you now only need to ask a very small number of questions.

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