3.3 Training Video

Click below to be taken to a link to the first training video.  The video shows the assessment completed in full and has commentary/captions with: 

  • Guidance on ways to improve the delivery of the assessment.
  • Points to consider and things to look out for, for each task.
  • Guidance on recording pupil strategies.
  • Guidance on using the optional scoring system and deciding on an overall level.
  • Guidance on reassessment.
  • Suggestions for next steps and links to The Highland Numeracy Progression.
  • Limitations of the assessment and additional areas to assess informally within class.

While you are watching the video: 

  • Have the addition and subtraction assessment with you and follow it along with the video.  
  • You may also wish to have the coding sheet and the response and level guidance for additional clarification.
  • Pause the video as frequently as you like to make sense of the pupil's strategies and discuss (or reflect individually) how the pupil solved each problem compared to how you solved the problem as well as whether there may have been a more efficient strategy.

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