3.4.3 Deciding on a stage - Specific guidance: Second Level to Third*

As pupils progress into Second Level, they are developing a broader repertoire of strategies and are beginning to use these with increasing efficiency, accuracy and flexibility.

You may wish to use the supplementary Task 7 questions to get a better understanding of the range and use of strategies for addition and subtraction.

Second *

  • If a pupil is placed at Second *, they will have solved all tasks up to Task 7 at least.  You may wish to ask the supplementary questions to get a broader picture.
  • They can solve problems beyond 1000 and have an increasing range of strategies.
  • They may not yet be using these strategies selectively yet.

Second **

  • If a pupil is placed at Second **, they will be able to work across a wide range of whole numbers and will, in general, use strategies that are efficient based on the numbers they have been presented with.

Second ***

  • A pupil at Second *** will be using a range of strategies with whole numbers efficiently.
  • They extend their use of strategies to solving addition and subtraction problems with decimals (although may revert to less efficient strategies).

Third *

  • A pupil at Third * will be using all the skills already mentioned as well as solving addition and subtraction problems involving fractions with related denominators.

If a pupil is assessed at Second *** or Third *, the following areas should also be checked through informal diagnostic questions within class.  Any gaps should be addressed to ensure pupils have a good depth of understanding across a range of areas.

  • Solving multi-step word problems
  • Understanding and application of order of operations
  • Solving simple algebraic equations
  • Extending addition and subtraction of positive whole numbers to working with negative whole numbers.

The main training video, 7.1, as well as the supplementary video 5.1 could be viewed and discussed to get a better understanding of pupils working at these levels.

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