7.1 Reflective Questions and Activities

If you are on the pilot for this course, ensure you have completed the post-training questionnaire.
This should be available through your Head Teacher (if you are doing this as a whole school) or will have been sent to you personally.  You can contact sarah.leakey@highland.gov.uk if you need the link for this.


Whether you are an individual doing this with your class alone or a school working on this together, now you have completed Part 1 of the diagnostic assessment training, it would be a good time to decide on the following:

  1. When are you going to complete Part 2 of the diagnostic assessment training?
    This is an essential supplement and covers the delivery, recording and scoring of the knowledge assessments.  These are different from the strategy assessments so it is important to complete Part 2 in its own right.

  2. How frequently will you complete the assessments?
    The recommendation is no more than twice per year but this may be more frequent when being used to monitor an intervention for specific groups.

  3. When will you complete the assessments?
    Remember to consider implications relating to the measurement of performance vs. learning.
    Remember to consider whether the timing will allow you to act on the information.

  4. How will this be a manageable task for teaching staff?

  5. How will you ensure the rich information obtained is used to inform planning and teaching rather than just used as a summative assessment?

  6. What are the benefits you see from embedding the diagnostic assessments?

  7. What are the challenges and how could these be minimised or overcome?

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