1.2 What are the diagnostic assessments?

The Diagnostic Assessments are a 1:1 assessment in a range of areas related to numeracy.  

Screen shot of the first page of the addition and subtraction assessment

  • They are designed to provide rich information about the strategies and knowledge a child has.  
  • The information can then be used to support teaching in general or provide targeted intervention.  
  • They are also an effective way for teachers to engage in professional development; improving their own knowledge and understanding about the strategies that pupils use and the interconnection between knowledge and strategy.

The assessments have been heavily influenced by and adapted from both The New Zealand Numeracy Project Diagnostic Interview: https://nzmaths.co.nz/numeracy-project-teaching-resources as well as Maths Recovery Assessments http://www.mathsrecovery.org.uk/.  The ideas and materials have been adapted based on the Scottish Curriculum.

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