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Hybrid working: planning for the future

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Hybrid working: planning for the future

In 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic organisations had to plan and adapt within a week to move almost their entire workforce to remote working, and those who had to remain in ‘onsite’ environments had to quickly implement safety measures. This was an unprecedented global response that many organisations would not have foreseen and had to adjust their approach to planning. 

Uncertainty is a constant, and to thrive organisations and individuals need to develop the skills for futures and foresight planning, to plan for the unknown, and the known. 

This course introduces you to futures and foresight planning and explores different frameworks to develop your skills to plan for an uncertain future and considers how you can become a more sustainable organisation in the face of continuing change and evolving employee expectations. 

This course is part of the Supporting hybrid working and digital transformation collection, made possible by the Higher Educational Funding Council for Wales.

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Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • develop your futures planning understanding and approach 
  • evaluate how to define your purpose as a team, department, or organisation 
  • analyse your 'Why' to enable better decision-making 
  • explore a selection of methods and methodologies to make sense of situations and plan any changes required with foresight 
  • interpret and manage uncertainty more confidently and effectively. 

First Published: 20/12/2022

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