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Question 1

A company carried out a survey, recording how staff in a particular office spent their working time. The table shows the average number of minutes spent in each hour on various activities.

ActivityTime taken on average in one hour/mins
Answering telephone12
Talking with colleagues10

The data is to be displayed as a pie chart. Work out the angle at the centre for each slice.


Since one hour will be represented by 360° on the pie chart, 1 minute will be represented by 360° ÷ 60 = 6°.

So the required angles on the chart are:

How office staff spend their time (Source: Company survey)
Keyboarding35 × 6° = 210°
Answering telephone12 × 6° = 72°
Talking with colleagues10 × 6° = 60°
Other activities3 × 6° = 18°

Check: 210° + 72° + 60° + 18° = 360°.