Advance Organizer - Supply (6 minute read)

What is an Advance Organizer?

An Advance Organizer is a graphic with blank spaces that you fill in as you progress through the material in a course topic.  After completing a topic, your organizer will contain the key concepts that you have learned.  They will be organized as a graphic that depicts the relationships among the concepts.

Advance Organizer for Production

The Advance Organizer for production shows how production technologies are depicted in the UNI-CGE model.  As you move through the production topic, note these concepts in your organizer:

Production function - What type is used to combine the factor and intermediates bundle into the final product?  What type is used in the value added branch and in the intermediates branch of the technology tree?  -- Leontief? CES? Cobb-Douglas?

Elasticities - What is the name or value of the elasticity parameter in the UNI-CGE model used in each branch of the technology tree?

Factors - What factors of production are in your model?

 Figure 1.  An Advance Organizer for Production Technology  Advance organizer for production technology

You can download the Advance Organizer for production technology by clicking HERE (Word 2007 document37.1 KB) . This will open the organizer in Word. You can view it and fill in the blanks in Word or other apps.

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