Who Should Take This Course? (4 minute read)


You should take this course if: 


You are a Learner

You are a student, a professional or a self-learner looking for access to free introductory training in CGE modeling and want to study and practice at your own pace.

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You are Preparing for Advanced Training

You are about to take a professional or university course on CGE modeling and want to prepare by developing foundational knowledge and skills.

You are a Teacher 

You are an instructor in CGE modeling and looking for ideas on how to present technical material in an intuitive and graphical way.

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You are a Consumer

You are a reviewer or user of CGE-based research and want to learn the right questions to ask when critically evaluating results from a CGE model.

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You are Curious

You are a non-economist, or simply curious, and want to learn about the basic framework and behavior of CGE models. 

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