About the GTAP Model


The materials in this course support the UNI-CGE model, a single-country computable general equilibrium model written in the GAMS modeling software. Some learners may want to use the GTAP CGE model in this course instead of the UNI-CGE model. The GTAP model is a global CGE model written in the GEMPACK software. The GTAP model was developed by the Center for Global Trade Analysis at Purdue University.  

Comparing UNI-CGE and GTAP Models

The UNI and the GTAP models are both standard CGE models with many commonalities, but their underlying theories also differ in some respects. Table 1 provides a comparison of key features of the UNI and GTAP CGE models, The table can guide you in understanding which materials in this course can be used to learn about the GTAP CGE model. 

Table 1. Comparison of the UNI-CGE model and the GTAP model
Data SAMs and elasticities SAMS and 6 elasticities
Demand Cobb-Douglas, LES Constant difference of elasticities
   Factor substitution CES substitution CES substitution
   Factor mobility Sector specific/fully mobile CET (ranges from sector-specific to fully mobile)
   Factor unemployment Factor closure - full employment or unemployment Factor closure - full employment or unemployment
    Intermediate demand Leontief CES substitution
    Import demand Armington aggregation Armington aggregation
    Export supply CET export supply Responds to foreign import demand
Macro closures Investment-savings, government savings, foreign savings/trade balance Investment-savings, foreign savings/trade balance

Where to Get the GTAP Model

 Learners can download the RunGTAP model from the GTAP Center by visiting the Center's website: www.gtap.org.

On the website, select Models/RunGTAP and follow instructions to download the RunGTAP model. The NUS333 database, identical to the US333 SAM used in this course, is included in the RunGTAP model. 

Learn About the GTAP Model

The GTAP model has a user-friendly interface, "RunGTAP" that allows users to quickly master the use of the model, freeing students to focus on the economics of the model and the experiments. To learn more about the GTAP model, see  The Standard GTAP Model, Version 7, by Corong et al., Journal of Global Economic Analysis, 2017.  The book Introduction to CGE Models (Burfisher, 2021) might also be useful.  It includes hands-on modeling exercises using the GTP model.  

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