What will I study in Step 6?

The table below lists the activities contained in this phase of the programme. It repeats the details on the type of activities involved, their learning outcomes and their relationship to the programme learning outcomes. What follows are the individual assets that were used to support each of the named activities.

Activity name and acronym

Activity type(s)

Activity Learning Outcome(s) or Aims

Programme Learning Outcome(s) being addressed by this Activity

Phase 3 OER Development Activity

1. Assimilative

2. Finding and handling information

3. Communication

4. Productive

5. Experiential

After completing Phase 3 activity and assignment you should be able to:

1. Evaluate the relevant academic, pedagogic and technical aspects of an open educational resource and plan what aspects need to be added, taken away or adapted so that it could be used by students in your university.

2. Implement that plan to create an adaptation of that open educational resource that could be used by students in your university.

3. Explain what you changed and why to others.

1. Explain the role of quality assurance and enhancement processes for providing a good quality distance learning experience for students

2. Understand what the principles and practices of openness in education means for you and your institution in developing and sharing educational resources

3. Evaluate the learning needs of students to help inform the design of teaching programmes

4. Design and develop open educational resources (OER), whether online or in a physical form, that teach and assess learning outcomes

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