Introduction to Active Teaching and Learning

To direct attention to the process where learners are actively engaged in learning, educators sometimes refer to student-centered pedagogy, child-centred pedagogy, critical thinking pedagogy, inquiry or discovery-based teaching. In this General Teaching Methods course reference is made to Active Teaching and Learning as an overarching term to describe to underlying principles and methods common to actively engaging learners in the teaching and learning process.

   Many reforms are geared to enable teachers to move away from standard
   ‘learning by rote’ methods, and move to methods where  learners are
   ‘actively engaged’ in learning. Take your study notebook and write down
   your thoughts according to the two guiding questions below:

  • What do you understand by Active Teaching and Learning?

  • Write a short answer by completing the following sentence:

    "Active Teaching and Learning is important because".

   2.1 Foundation and rationale                                              Defining Active Teaching and Learning

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