The objective of using different techniques is to engage teachers in the use and development of teaching and learning resources and in sharing these resources, not only with their colleagues, but also with their learners. Different techniques have different potentials to enhance active teaching and learning.

All the techniques introduced address the process where teachers and learners are constructing knowledge and insight in the world around them through active exploration, experimentation and reflection by interacting with each other and the learning materials. Techniques have the potential to innovate and/or transform classroom teaching and learning practice. The different techniques can for example support collaborative learning, problem solving, meaningful learning, etc.

In this course, the following methods for Active Teaching and Learning are introduced:

1. Groupwork

2. Demonstration

3. Presentation

4. Brainstorming

5. Simulation

6 Storytelling

7. Drill


   Methods/ Learning contracts                                                                     Techniques/ Groupwork

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