Definition of a lesson plan

An order to understand what a lesson plan is, it is important to fully understand the concept of a lesson. A lesson is a single activity or a series of activities designed by the teacher so as to achieve one or more instructional objectives determined, or desired in promoting positive change in the learner. A lesson is thus a period of instruction or contact between the teacher and the learners which is totally devoted to a prior identified, specified and single limited title, skill, content or idea.

Lesson planning is the activity which the teacher performs before the actual lesson takes place. A lesson plan is a detailed description of the instructional strategies and learning activities to be performed during the teaching/learning process. This important preparation involves the following:

  • Identification of learning as well as teaching objectives, activities and tasks to be undertaken by both the learners and the instructor. 
  • Sequencing of these activities and tasks.
  • Determining appropriate instruction aids, methods and references.
  • Deciding the proper organisation and or management of the learning resource available, environment and activities.
  • Determining evaluation process i.e. how the learner shall be deemed to have acquired the desired chance of behaviour or mastery of content and/or skills.

The importance of a lesson plan is that it enables the teacher to read ahead in order to enrich the content area and skill to be taught, to have confidence during the actual teaching/learning process and to logically present the content standards for effective learning. 


   3.3 Lesson planning                                                                                     Components of a lesson plan

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