A method is an organised, orderly, systematic, and well-planned procedure aimed at facilitating and enhancing learners’ learning. A method considers the abilities, needs, and interests of the learners and is employed to achieve certain aims of instruction. To make it an effective instrument, it should be presented with a certain amount of efficiency and ease. More so, the teaching method aims to achieve greater teaching and learning output, thus saving time, efforts and even money on the part of both the teacher and the learner. 

Methods direct and guide the teacher and the learners in undertaking any lesson or activity. Remember that there is no such thing as the best method. Thus, there is no single correct way to teach a class. Instead, there are many good ways of teaching the learners. 

In this course, the following methods for Active Teaching and Learning are introduced:

1. Problem-based learning

2. Project-based learning

3. Learning stations

4. Learning contracts


   2.2 Methods, Techniques & Tools                                                      Methods/ Problem-based learning

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