A podcast is a set of audio recordings. Podcasting allows content to be broadcast and distributed via audio files over the internet. The recordings work a lot like TV or radio series, except that people listen to them on demand and they are not a real time broadcast. Users can stream podcasts online or can download them to a personal device for easy listening offline.

Listen to a good practice of a podcast by clicking on the below headphone iconAudio player: WhatsApp%20Audio%202020-10-25%20at%2015.57.39%20%28online-audio-converter.com%29%20%281%29.mp3

Tips to integrate podcasting in teaching and learning

  • Create podcasts for learners and step them through assignments and projects or explain challenging concepts.

  • Let learners collaborate on a class wide podcast that offers a living record of class activities, with every learner contributing reports over the year. 

  • Have learners create podcasts to debate topics, interview guest speakers or record collaborative conversations.

Get into action

Consult this tutorial on how to start creating your own podcasts using the tool Anchor.


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