Delivering a reinforcement

How should reinforcement be delivered? In order to make positive reinforcement an effective intervention, the following guidelines can help:

Reinforcement should be consistently delivered

Use a planned reinforcement schedule. If it is not, no connection will develop between appropriate behaviour and the reinforcement and the behaviour will not change.

Reinforcement should be delivered immediately

Learners should know when they can expect reinforcement. If the teacher waits until the end of the day to reinforce a learners for remaining in her seat during second period, the effect of reinforcement is reduced if not lost. 

Improvement should be reinforced

Do not wait until the learner’s behaviour is perfect to deliver reinforcement. A teachers should recognize improvement and let the learner know that the effort is recognized.

Pair any reinforcement with social reinforcement

If your reinforcement plan is letting learners participate in preferred activities, make sure to give some sort of social reinforcement, such as telling the learner, “You really did an excellent job today. You should be really proud of yourself” or let the learner choose another leaners for the activity.


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