Roleplaying is a sort of simulation allowing learners to impersonate the behaviour of specific roles such as a supervisor or a client who must make a decision in a real life context. To try to respond as their given character would, learners conduct research, and engage in higher order thinking. By interacting with their peers, learners experiment and learn to deal with unfamiliar real life situations while also exercising their observation and communication skills.


Overview of key steps:

  1. Prepare a scenario relevant to the lesson (lesson planning)
  2. Distribute clear instructions (handouts) for the roles that learners will play (lesson delivery)
  3. Give learners time to prepare and rehearse their roles (lesson delivery)
  4. After each performance, allow time for class discussion and to summarise the learning points (lesson delivery)


  • Encourage and give time to learners to research their character’s features.
  • Set ground rules in order to ensure a conducive environment for all to feel safe while acting.


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