Demonstration is a specific type of presentation and a technique of teaching by example rather than simply explaining. Demonstration is a visual practical presentation of a concept, process or skill showing how something works or is performed. The learners perform a demonstration to ascertain learning.

The demonstrator performs the tasks step-by-step to enable the learners to repeat the same task independently or in groups. Here, the teacher supports the learners in their attempts, provides guidance and feedback, and offers suggestions for alternative approaches. Demonstration helps learners to ‘learn-by-doing’ when there is not enough equipment, when specialised knowledge is required or when safety of the learners is at stake.


Overview of key steps:

  1. List the equipment, teaching aids and other materials that you will need during the lesson (lesson planning)
  2. List relevant questions for before, during and after the demonstration to engage the learners and assess their understanding (lesson planning)
  3. Prepare the equipment before the lesson (lesson planning)
  4. Arrange the classroom seating to enable all learners to clearly view the demonstration 
  5. While giving the demonstration, ask the relevant guiding questions you had earlier prepared (lesson delivery)


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