Factors to consider when selecting instructional materials

Instructional materials provide the basis for what learners will experience and learn. They hold the power to either engage or demotivate learners. Therefore, instructional materials must be carefully planned, selected, organized, refined, and used.

Listen to the below audio and learn which factors should be considered before selecting the instructional materials to use. To start listening, click on the below headphone iconAudio player: Instructional%20Materials%20-%20Questions%20To%20Ask.mp3

 (Reference: audio 4)

Overview of key factors to consider when selecting instructional materials:

  • Take into consideration individual needs and learning styles:
    Choose materials that present information in a variety of ways. Using mixed media (text, video, images, real world examples, graphs, etc.) make information more interesting and address learners’ different learning styles.

  • Make sure the materials support learning objectives:
    Provide a wide range of materials that will enrich and support the curriculum and course objectives. The instructional materials should reinforce and supplement, not substitute for, the teacher’s teaching efforts.

  • Make the materials clear and accessible:
    Make sure learners have sufficient background knowledge to comprehend the learning materials.

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