The teacher as a model

Teachers have an important role in instilling desired behaviour of learners. as they  should be models/exemplary in behaviour.  This is possible by attending school regularly and punctually, having knowledge of and enforcing school rules and regulations without fear or favour. Knowing each learner as an individual and keeping learners busy by giving them meaningful work to do and involving them in school/class activities to avoid idleness and redundancy.   

Teachers should also involve learners in making class rules; practice democracy and involve learners in problem solving, observe and assess their learners carefully, make learners feel loved and that their time at school is put to good use, make the learners to understand and enjoy what they are doing at school, be firm, unbiased and objective, refrain from using harsh word and unfair punishment, and be consistent in the way learners are handled.


   3.2 strategies for effective classroom management                                Desired learner behaviour

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