Benefits of effective classroom management and organization

Learner benefits

The prime benefits of a well-organized classroom will accrue to the learners. The  organization and procedures of the teachers (or lack thereof) are, after all, ever present reminders to the learners of how to behave, how to conduct tasks, and how best to be effective without discord in a group. Respect for others, consideration, efficiency, pride of accomplishment, security in knowing what, how, when, and where to do something - all these positive elements are the hallmarks and characteristics of learners who learn in well-organized classrooms. Learners like a predictable, safe, and orderly environment and they like going to a school that provides that environment. For these reasons alone, it is important for teachers to pay close attention to good classroom management and organization.

Teacher Benefits

Aside from the benefits to learners, good organization brings powerful help to the teacher. In fact, it can be truthfully said that the first “aide” any teacher has is his or her ability to organize the classroom well. The immediate benefits of a well-organized classroom to the teacher are clear; less wasted time and therefore more efficiency. Not so immediately apparent, perhaps, are the following very significant elements:

  • improved learner-teacher relations

  • improved parent-teacher relations

  • increased job satisfaction

  • increased enthusiasm for professional growth

  • increased academic progress 


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