Videos are used to record, playback, broadcast and display moving visual images. Educational videos have been widely used in classrooms, as they can provoke reflection and discussion and provide deeper insight of issues that have been introduced.

Videos are particularly useful to explain a process or an action. As videos can be paused and rewinded at any time, teachers and learners can control the speed (e.g. slow motion) or repeat particular fragments as needed. With their smartphone or with a cheap video recorder, videos can be produced by teachers and learners to document an experiment, a role-play, a class trip etc. As learners are involved in acting or making the video, their motivation to participate, assess, and receive feedback increases.

Steps and resources

  1. Select the process or action you want to show.
  2. Search a relevant video online.
  3. Show the video and pause it on the parts you want to emphasise.
  4. Allow for class discussion.


  • There is a wealth of educational videos on specialised websites as TeacherTubeTEDTeaching ChannelEdpuzzle, etc.
  • Amaze learners by creating your own educational videos using Powtoon.
  • Download videos, so you can use them offline.


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