"Every picture tells a story and one image says more than a thousand words..."

An image can be used to introduce, express, share, and describe a range of subjects (concepts, stories, trips, phenomena, persons, objects or events). Teachers can use images to present a problem through visual stories that learners will be encouraged to solve. For example, a picture of a tropical storm/melting ice caps can be used to introduce the concept of global warming. The use of images in teaching and learning has benefits to support learner’s comprehension, retention, and application. It stimulates spatial intelligence and increases the motivation of the learner.

Steps and resources

  1. Select the concept, story, phenomenon, person or event you want to depict.
  2. Find or draw the picture(s) you need.
  3. Brainstorm with the learners which words or concepts come to mind.
  4. Guide the learners discussion by questioning their interpretations.


  • Many images, photos and editing software are available online, such as Pics4Learning.
  • A digital photo story can combine different media: images, text, voice, motions and music.
  • Think of images that would present the subject in just one or a few images.


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