Flashcards are cards bearing information such as words or numbers, or questions and answers on either or both sides. They can be used in classroom or during private study. Flashcards can support learning of any subject matter. In the classroom, an immediate teacher overview of the learners’ understanding of the topic at hand can be obtained by asking learners to display their answer to a specific question on a flashcard. 

Coloured cards can also be used for learners’ self-assessment of their level of understanding (e.g. green card for “understood”, yellow card for “need support”, red card for “not understood”). For example, flashcards can be used question and answers drills, interactive education games, or the assess learners' progress. 

Steps and resources

  1. Prepare the flashcards according to your need (blank, coloured or pre-filled cards).
  2. Explain the rule to the drill to the learners.
  3. With the learners, observe and discuss the answers of the class.
  4. Use the results to guide the current and/or future lessons. 


  • Create flashcards online using Quizlet. Quizlet employs you to create sets of terms and descriptions in the form of flashcard and provides you with several ways (e.g. quizzes and other interactive games) to review the content on the flashcards. You might also encourage your learners to create their own flashcard decks to share with their peers.
  • There are also other uses for flashcards: in private study, flashcards are useful to summarize, memorize and classify knowledge for further revisions; pre-filled flashcards can also be used to design interactive educational games for any subject.


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